Digital Cartons

Digital Cartons

Our in-house digital printing facility is fast, flexible and cost effective. Ideal, not only for short run, quick turnaround jobs but also for high quality registration samples and ‘start up’ quantities. We are also the first UK carton manufacturer to offer the digital printing of braille onto cartons.
Our Digital Printing Service offers:

Fast – Outputting directly from computer to press eliminates many of the time consuming processes associated with traditional litho.

Flexible – It’s not just cartons and leaflets, there are literally hundreds of possibilities with digital print, all customisable with variable data text and images, making direct marketing easy, flexible and effective.

Cost Effective – Short runs means lower costs and because you only print what you need, you only pay for what you need.

Durable – PIRA tested print durability.

Cutting Edge – We are the first UK carton manufacturer to provide the digital printing of braille onto cartons. The system uses a polymer ‘drop on demand’ nozzle to apply the Braille, which is then UV cured. The adherence of the dots is excellent and transit trials carried out by Smithers Pira have confirmed the robustness of the Braille.

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