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Primary Packaging

We are MHRA accredited for the packing of solids, semi-solids and powders. We are ISO13485 accredited for the packing and assembly of Medical Devices. We also fill Nutritional and VMS liquid products.


Blister Packing

Using Noack 623 Blister Lines with in-line Hapa foil printers, image detection, automatic cartoning and banding, we pack a variety of solid dosage forms into thermo formed or cold form blisters.

> More about Blister Packing

peel pouch packing

Peel Pouch Packing

Using Doyen technology – 4 side seal packing machinery, we offer a variety of pouching and assembly solutions…

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Liquid fill

Liquid Filling

We are well equipped to provide liquid filling into a variety of bottles and blisters.

> More about Liquid Filling

Pot & Bottle Filling

Pot & Bottle Filling

Our tablet counting machines offer accurate dispensing of different sizes and shapes of tablets, caplets, capsules or soft gel capsules. Powders can also be filled.

> More about Pot & Bottle Filling Packing


Sachet Filling

We pack a variety of solid dose and powder products into a range of sachets using 4 sided seal machinery on various substrates including clear films to Aluminium style foils.

> More about Sachet Filling

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